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Dec 2 2008, 04:43 PM
There is "growing unease" on the set, and Michael Logan's sources tell him that many are growing upset at Corday's "messy management style and his penchant for punishing the cast for his own overspending."
Well, it's nice to know that not everything is peaches and cream on the set. I recently watched a clip from that horrible "Garden of Eden" story. And it makes me sick knowing that money and time was wasted to put crap like that on the air.

- Days was paying JER "millions" at the time of his death, and they will continue paying JER's estate into 2009.

LOL. This is great. Somewhere in the sky, I bet Reilly is eating ringdings, laughing at his nemesis, Ken Corday. No wonder Reilly and NBC told Corday where to shove it when he was ousted from his HW seat in 2006(?). Not only did he have to pay out the rest of Reilly's contract when he was fired for Hogan, but NBC also made the show take a paycut as a result. This warms my heart. I wonder if Hogan is still being paid off by Corday. I also wonder if "The Event Planner" has a similar ironclad contract.

I'm really hoping Corday and SONY can pull this off. It sounds to me like Corday(unless he pays for the show going in the red) won't even have the money to continue the show by the time the budget slashing is done.
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