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Dec 2 2008, 10:32 PM
Why do you hate yourself?
I don't copy. Hate myself enough to watch The Garden of Eden story on DAYS? LOL. I was randomly searching soap clips and having never seen it during the original airshow, I decided to humor myself with a clip. It was painful to watch, to say the least. Not even Austin Peck's body could save that for me.

I'm kind of surprised at Reilly. Contracts are contracts, but man. To keep taking the money is just wrong. Like stealing from sick orphans.

I don't blame Reilly for taking money from Corday. The second time around, Wyman and especially Corday's interference(in what was supposed to be a contract that gave him complete creative control over DAYS' stories) completely screwed his stories over. The big one being the mess known as The Stalker/Melaswen. It's a miracle Reilly didn't sue Wyman and Corday over breach of contract.

As evil as you may think it, Corday broke his agreement by not having faith in Reilly to goose the numbers and he was punished for that. I bet Reilly laughed his ass out of his last meeting at Burbank.
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