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I think Corday loves Days, he loves his parents creation. I don't think he's evil or is deliberately out to DESTROY it. Thats not his life goal or anything.

But, here's what I think it all comes down to:

Corday does not know how to produce a soap opera, or maybe he just doesn't know how to anymore.

The fact that he produced Days so well from 1985-about 2000 or so is beyond me, he may have just lost his touch, let things get too crazy, or both.

But in the 80's, Corday had Al Rabin at his side the whole time, an experienced man who had been there with Betty before Corday came into the picture. I without a doubt think that helped because it seems like Co-EPs play a big factor into Days.

In the 90's, DARE I say this and please no one come at me with knives and pitchforks, but Langan was actually a good Co-EP. He probably helped balance Corday out. Langan was horrible as HW, but not so much as Co-EP.

But then, after the 90's, the fanbases came. And added to that, Corday let Langan get too out of control, which is when he got bad, and Days has been in chaos ever since. I think in the 80's and bulk of the 90's, Corday didn't have to worry about fanbases for two reasons: They did not exist and there was no internet to read all over. Langan went totally HAYWIRE and ever since then, Days has been on a HW merry-go-round. That was when things fell apart.

B&C came in and I think they just about fixed the show creativity-wise, but Corday made a DUMB move and brought in Steve Wyman. And do I need to discuss him and his SFX? And I don't think Wyman knows how to handle anything, I think he was just the guy who went along with whatever Corday did, and that was what showed me how bad Corday really was, and how dependent he is on Co-EPs.

Corday isn't the worst producer on Daytime, but he's far from the best, and after examining his career I think it all comes down to the fact that he has no clue how to produce a show. And its sad because after 23 years in Daytime, Corday still acts inexperienced in any move he makes. Part of this is due to HWs, they take their share of the blame, but he signs someone to a new contract, oh wait weeks later they are gone. The show has gone through so many Co-HWs in the past year its insane, heck its gone through so many HWs this decade its insane.

And while Ed and "The Diva" take full blame for the actual scandal, I mean it was all their fault as I have said numerous times, it probably wouldn't have happened in the end if it wasn't for Corday's stupid decisions.
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