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Captain Kirk

Dec 3 2008, 01:06 AM
Well, as usual I'm in the minority.

First off, what the hell do people want her to say? The show is a mess right now and she has no idea who will be cut next or what will happen so how can she talk about the show and stories when things are still uncertain? She's probably been told not to say anything and, after the debacle of this past summer, I'm surprised she still has this blog because there is no way the show will want her to talk about what happens behind the scenes and such when she's still working there. She has nothing else to talk about but her life and I don't really mind it. I just don't understand keeping the blog if that's all she has to talk about. Like Ellie said, she's not an actor. However, I don't blame her. I think this is all NBC and Corday and has been since the beginning just like the autism story was all on them. Of course, Dena agreed to it but I'm pretty sure they did it to drudge up good PR for her.

Truth be told I do think Corday is doing everything he can. Yes, the guy is a screwup but right now I really do think he is trying to do what he can to save the show. His past and his mistakes are well-documented and, for me, all that matters is right now and the future and that is what she is talking about. I don't envy the guy at all. Whatever the case, she has to say what she said. He's her boss.

I also find it a bit rude to call her son a moron. Go ahead and bash Higley but the kids are not a part of this, especially one who is autistic. Yes, Higley is mentioning them and putting them in the public forum but that doesn't open the door to bash the kids. Bashing her, sure because it's her choice but the kids aren't writing the show. I don't see a need for that at all. bash her and bash the blog but I think the kids are off limits.
That says a whole lot Tim if the bitch can't find one positive thing to say about the show she is HW. You are entitled to your opinion, I just don't see how you can keep defending the one woman who is killing your favorite soap.

And yes I know Corday is the main problem, but that doesn't give DH a free pass to continue to write boring storylines and not be ridiculed to no end.
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