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Dec 3 2008, 12:13 AM
I would be quite interested to know if Corday has taken a paycut, himself...
There is no way of ever knowing.

Just like the head of a business, you never know how much is taken out for business and personal and such. He has the most ownership so he's in charge. For all we know, he may be taking money for himself. I don't think he would but it's possible.

Drew is right though. The JER contract is not just Corday's fault. It's his fault because he agreed to it and trashed JER's second run along with Wyman. NBC forced that deal on him by saying he had to take JER back or the show was done. Corday should've either stuck to his guns and took the show elsewhere or let it be cancelled (which would be stupid given where Days was in 2003) or should've let JER write and not interfered).

I will let the JER contract go but the other stuff is on him. I'm glad the cast is upset. Took them long enough. I don't think Ed getting fired was it. I think it started with firing Hogan and then all the shit Ed and the diva did. I think the fact that something like that happened pissed people off and now this. The fact is now two vets were fired and others have to take massive cuts. It's directly impacting them and that is why they all of a sudden feel like complaining. Up until now, they loved Corday even when he canned them. Now that they are impacted financially and that so much shit is happening that is giving the show a worse reputation then it already is, they are pissed.

I'm not shocked NBC nearly canceled them. They almost canceled them in 1998 (when they were 2nd in ratings) and in 2003. They want out. The only reason it didn't happen in my view is because the rest of NBC is so messed up they had no time to worry about replacing it with something viable.
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