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Dec 3 2008, 01:14 AM
Dec 3 2008, 01:06 AM
First off, what the hell do people want her to say? The show is a mess right now and she has no idea who will be cut next or what will happen so how can she talk about the show and stories when things are still uncertain? She's probably been told not to say anything and, after the debacle of this past summer, I'm surprised she still has this blog because there is no way the show will want her to talk about what happens behind the scenes and such when she's still working there. She has nothing else to talk about but her life and I don't really mind it. I just don't understand keeping the blog if that's all she has to talk about. Like Ellie said, she's not an actor. However, I don't blame her. I think this is all NBC and Corday and has been since the beginning just like the autism story was all on them. Of course, Dena agreed to it but I'm pretty sure they did it to drudge up good PR for her.
Tim, many "soap junkies" like everyone here would love any backstage tidbit. For example, she could take one scene, tell us how she thought of it, and tell us how she revised it. That would be interesting! Or, how about, what's a typical workday like for her? What is her office like? How about the writers meetings? Who runs them? What is discussed? What exactly does a breakdown writer do? What's Dena's favorite part of her job? What's an example of a story that she thought would work well but didn't translate well on screen? What did she learn from that?

Any topic related to writing would be very interesting! Instead, she ignores the idea entirely. That's why I think that most here are so incredibly frustrated and annoyed whenever a new blog entry comes out.
Actually, I'm not sure if she can do that.

Notice how Casiello never did until he was unemployed. None of us know what can and can't be said and if she's even being allowed to write what she wants here.

I do feel daysfan is on to something and I will add to it. I don't think she's happy. She can't be. Between the strike, co-HW and writing team changes, the Scott and diva bullshit, EP change, and now these cuts...she has had no period where she and her team can just write. That is why I can't totally bash her writing. How the hell do I know what is her's and how the hell do I bash something when she can't even get a story out there before the other shoe drops? It's the same way it was with Hogan. The show is inconsistent because something is always coming up behind the scenes.

I also think this blog is nothing but NBC and Corday trying to drudge up support and good PR for the show and Higley. I don't think she wants any part of this. It's not like she exploited her life and kids before. She doesn't post that often either. I would not be surprised if they tell her what to write.
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