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Shove your crappy show where the sun don't shine, Corday!

Dec 2 2008, 07:19 PM
By the way, I'm still trying to figure out how my comments about Kristian Alfonso, who once again, was the main topic of this thread and the main topic of the little exchange between Sprite Eyes and myself, got turned around to Dee Hall. Which is why I've kinda been avoiding this thread, except to insert this one more time. It's pretty obvious that I don't see Deidre Hall as the be-all and end all of the topic. Or of the show, and it gets tiresome when people try to discuss other actors, and things turn around once more to Hall. What's ever sadder? No one brings up Drake. He got fired, too, and KA talked about having to say goodbye to HIM. Where are the tears for the J part of John and Marlena or J&M? Is it because he didn't follow the status quo at times?

And, I think it's sad that someone who should know better go on the attack right away and make assumptions about something a poster said about SOME OTHER ACTOR. And, the comment about the publicist? Well, whatever. Judging from many posts around, it's debatable as to whether Marlena's current "popularity" is causing all this, or whether it's the fact that she was on the show for ages. And, I just wouldn't be a bit surprised to see a publicist's or agent's hand in this whole thing, but that will be up to debate. Apparently, she wasn't at Bloomingdale's, so we'll never know. By the way, Rake, congrats for getting to see Kristian! :)

And for Hall's firing being the end of soaps? Please.... :huh: Soaps had problems long before this.

If anything, I see subtle digs at KA and MBE now that they will be the reigning vets (whatever a vet is) for a while. How blatant is that to say that Hall would cause the doors to be locked and ever MORE blatant to bring out that MBE had to leave some event EARLY? If my comments were "veiled", then those were out and out......well, never mind.

And know, since it's common knowledge that I'm out to save the world, I will go do so. Bash away at me, folks. And to those of you who remember what the topic of conversation was to begin with, kudos to you. :smooch:
AWESOME post! :rockon:
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