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Dec 3 2008, 11:01 AM
Wow, if Stefano is counselling EJ to marry Nicole, then my guess of him taking her baby is waaay off. I can't believe the fake pregnancy is still going on in two weeks!
I swear I have no clue with what is going to happen in that story...other than with what Sami is doing, EJami is dead.

Your spoils were right on, Angie! Thanks for sharing!
Or Stefano could be fucking with Nicole's mind. Even though I don't necessarily think the Stefano stuff is more than a red herring, I don't think Stefano hiring his own doctor or telling EJ to marry Nicole (or whatever) can't co-exist with a nefarious Dr. Rolf-ian plot to harvest a DiMera heir from an allegedly unsuitable (read: non-Brady) mother. He could be putting pressure on her to make her crack and admit she lost the baby. He assumes if she does that EJ will leave her and at some point in the future he will reveal to EJ the baby is alive and Nicole will be gone at that point.

Not saying that's how it WILL happen by any stretch, but I could see it.
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