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A desperate Nicole hatches a new plot to hide her miscarriage from EJ this week and she tries to enlist Brady to help her.

During a conversation with Max the subject of adoption comes up. Nicole decides she should try to adopt a baby. She thinks it's a perfect scheme. She can continue to hide her fake pregnancy to EJ, and when the time is right have a real baby to replace the one she miscarried.

When Brady figures out what she has up her sleeve, Nicole decides to drug him. It's common knowledge Brady is a recovering drug addict, and Nicole knows that will discredit him should he decide to tell EJ. "Talk about a desperate woman. Holy smokes!" exclaims Arianne Zucker (Nicole).

But Nicole has a change of heart before she can give Brady a cocaine-laced beverage. She comes clean to Brady because she really could not go through with it. Brady is disappointed with Nicole and freaks out on her. Nicole becomes hysterical telling him he has no idea what losing the baby, but more specifically, losing EJ, would mean to her.

She returns home just in time for EJ to tell her he has just spoken to Sami on the phone. Nicole flips out again, upset that EJ would even mention Sami's name to her. Nicole can't stand to hear Sami's name anymore. EJ is able to calm Nicole down by telling her that he loves her, and that he and Sami are over. Zucker says, "Nicole has never really had that (love). She maybe had it with Eric, but with EJ, it was just a whirlwind and it's such an amazing feeling."

And that makes Nicole even more determined to hide the truth to EJ. She ends up meeting with a woman who is looking to give her child up for adoption.

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