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Dec 2 2008, 11:29 PM
Oddly enough, when I watch scenes from the this era, I truly love them. It's as if I remember being an 11 year old and being just mesmorized by this kind of a drama. But if this was playing now on TV, as a new show, I would think it was cheesey to the extreme. But when I watch, I remember being 11, and love it lol
I feel this way too, but I think there is also a difference seeing a standalone scene and living through the storyline.

There was so much emotion in Roman losing Marlena. When you're watching the story, even if the scene standalone is 'cheesy', there's almost a need for the overwhelming emotional payoff. I'll never forget Roman losing Marlena.

I love this scene, but I actually prefer the scene where he's going to go after Orpheus, and his mom can't stop him, but little Carrie does. This was such a heartbreaking story. Still kills me when I go back and watch knowing that Doc's really alive. Actually, probably kills me more knowing she's alive. Go get her Roman!!!
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