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Dec 3 2008, 03:00 PM
I agree. But could this show handle another head writing change? I don't know. Aside from a few things, I am enjoying DAYS again, and I never thought I would say that while Higley was writing. I think this has a lot to do with Tomlin and Whitesell's influence in Higley's stories, but I am enjoying the show again.

If getting rid of her weak spots (John and Marlena, Nick, etc.) means that we'll have room for stories she can actually write well (Nicole's fake pregnancy so far, Abe and Lexie's story, Kate's cancer, etc.) then I'm happy.
I think they could handle a writing change, but also, I disagree about the stories you're saying are written well. I really don't think any of Higley's stories are written well at this point. I think the autism story is boring and not written correctly for a soap, I think Nicole's fake pregnancy had no buildup at all and shifts gears too quickly, and I think Kate/Dan makes no sense, given that Dan seems to have his eye on any woman in Salem who has been unattached for five minutes. But if you're saying that a writer should be given the chance to develop the stories he/she does well, I understand that point, though I personally don't think it can apply to Higley. In addition, talented writers in the past have had many stories going at the same time, though it doesn't surprise me that Higley isn't really capable of doing this well.
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