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Dec 3 2008, 02:57 PM
Dec 3 2008, 01:21 PM
Dec 2 2008, 11:29 PM
Oddly enough, when I watch scenes from the this era, I truly love them. It's as if I remember being an 11 year old and being just mesmorized by this kind of a drama. But if this was playing now on TV, as a new show, I would think it was cheesey to the extreme. But when I watch, I remember being 11, and love it lol
I feel this way too, but I think there is also a difference seeing a standalone scene and living through the storyline.

There was so much emotion in Roman losing Marlena. When you're watching the story, even if the scene standalone is 'cheesy', there's almost a need for the overwhelming emotional payoff. I'll never forget Roman losing Marlena.

I love this scene, but I actually prefer the scene where he's going to go after Orpheus, and his mom can't stop him, but little Carrie does. This was such a heartbreaking story. Still kills me when I go back and watch knowing that Doc's really alive. Actually, probably kills me more knowing she's alive. Go get her Roman!!!
I think I loved the Marlena and Carrie relationship, more than than the Roman/John and Marlena relationship. :) I remember being giddy when Christie and Dee had their first scenes together when Christie returned to the role of Carrie. Carrie was so sad when she thought Marlen died. Oh, and although I don't like Drake's acting anymore, I do remember loving Roman and Diana; I thought Genie and Drake sparked like crazy. Altough, Genie didn't seem to like DAYS miuch lol

I loved this montage of them. Again, I was young, I don't know how I would react to it now if it just aired lol

I love that video and song. Roman and Diana were adorable. I hated when she left. One of my favs right back at ya.

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