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Dec 3 2008, 03:28 PM
E.J. and Sami, at one time, had enormous potential. But that ship has long since sailed, IMO.
The pairing of EJ and Sami could have been the golden ticket back to the top of the ratings had it been written correctly. The angst could have been endless, the twistiness of storyline could have been weaved into a beautiful forbidden lovestory. EJ could have been the good DiMera who fell in love with the very bad Brady. The feuding famlies could have done everything to keep them apart ... Stefano and Marlena who are now mutual grandparents of their children could have gone toe to toe .... John being a DiMera is a great twist and he and his step brother could have taken this feud to a new level ....

Had EJ been brought up by his mother without his father's influence only to come to Salem because he found out who his real father was and wanted to meet him and know him thinking it was John Black but finding out that it was Stefano ... enter bad girl Sami Brady, EJ is intrigued by this women and not knowing about the bad blood falls in love with her and she with him not knowing that he is Stefano's son .... When it is discovered that these two A Brady and A DiMera are in love it becomes a rather tragic and angsty forbidden love ... and the war between the Brady's and the DiMera ignites again!
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