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E.J. and Sami, at one time, had enormous potential. But that ship has long since sailed, IMO.
The pairing of EJ and Sami could have been the golden ticket back to the top of the ratings had it been written correctly. The angst could have been endless, the twistiness of storyline could have been weaved into a beautiful forbidden lovestory. EJ could have been the good DiMera who fell in love with the very bad Brady. The feuding famlies could have done everything to keep them apart ... Stefano and Marlena who are now mutual grandparents of their children could have gone toe to toe .... John being a DiMera is a great twist and he and his step brother could have taken this feud to a new level ....
I agree about the EJ-Sami story potential. The actors have great chemistry and I think Sami and EJ will forever be bound together because of their history and children. Personally, I just can't get past that infamous night in the car. I can see Sami being drawn to EJ's dark side, I can see her seeing parts of herself in him. I just can't wrap my head around her actually being in love with him. I can't see them being all romantic with each other. I want them in a story together, but romance, for me at least, it just makes Sami seem more twisted than EJ.

Down the road, a Nicole, EJ, Sami, Rafe quad would rock. I don't want Sami and EJ away from each other, but I also don't want them as some sappy supercouple
This is my thinking as well. Plus EJ did more to her than just force her to have sex with him. Although pivotal in my not being to ever being able to accept them together romantically, he's also tried to kill off her unborn twins, shot and left her step-father for dead, helped brainwash one of her Uncles, then sent Uncle Steve out to kill her Uncle Bo and cousin Shawn (and these are just a few of the things that EJ has done). There's just too many injustices that EJ has done against Sami personally, and her family for it to make one bit of sense that she could look at him lovingly. People view what happened on 12/29 in different ways, but you can't discount or explain away everything else that EJ has done with just a "different point of view".

As for the phone call, I have to wonder if maybe that's more for the viewers than for the plot line itself? It's pretty clear that EJami as a possible romantic pairing is done, but a lot of people still are holding out some kind of hope for those two. I personally can't wait to hear EJ utter the words finally himself... it's over. I just hope the writing follows through.
A lovestory between a DiMera and a Brady had to happen sometime .... EJ and Sami should have been it - now that they have children - the Brady/DiMera legacy is solidified ... you really can't down the road tell this lovestory this forbidden lovestory again because it was already started somewhat with Sami and EJ and the legacy has already been started with their children! The writer's failed big time in the telling of this romance.... What a missed opportunity!
I am not sure that the writers did fail with EJami. I've never seen a romance between them play out on my screen anyway. Some viewers think they were destined to be together, others, feel that they are destined to be enemies, or maybe frenemies at best. I personally enjoy EJ and Sami when they are apart. Who's to say this was not their intention all along?

There was a love story between a DiMera and a Brady... Santo and Colleen. Which resulted in a child... John. We even got to see the whole "love story" unfold in front of us. If there is going to be another attempt at a DiMera/Brady love story, I think it's going to have to wait another generation at this point. ^_^
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