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Dec 3 2008, 02:57 PM
I've never been a believer of EJ and Nicole's lame love story, but I like where this is going so far. The only thing I have a problem with is Nicole's motive behind faking her pregnancy. It's because she doesn't want to lose EJ that she's doing this. What about the baby she just lost? I would rather if they played it that Nicole is doing this because she doesn't want to lose EJ and because she fell in love with that comfort thought of a child and she's going to have this child one way or another.

Making this all about her not wanting to lose EJ is why soap opera women are weak.
And it's why soaps are dying because soaps became so disconnected from real world women. I just can't imagine any woman I know being pregnant and losing a child and not grieving at all for the child lost but just focusing so much on losing the man. I mean that sounds like the days of kings and queens to me when there was so much obsession over the queen providing her king an heir and fear if she didn't she'd be put aside or possibly beheaded.

My grandma left behind very powerful and poignant diaries with some entries about her experiences with miscarriages in fact and when I think about her and the experiences she went through it's just sad to me that I can't remember Days EVER treating this situation with dignity and respect (not that they ever have treated ANYTHING that way, but still...). I know Ari is trying to give this depth, but at the end of the day the bad writing is just too much.

Because not only can it be potentially insulting to anyone who has any sort of personal experience with this, it's just a generic and recycled plot device at this point.

Thank you so much ABC, CBS, NBC Daytime execs for killing the genre by doing nothing but recycling old hacks as if you were rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic with your head writer choices so that this genre has been so suffocated from creative renewal that it has no choice but to die along with its white-haired audience.
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