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Dec 3 2008, 04:42 PM
I can't speak for Sindacco, but in my opinion it's propaganda to say that ratings would never have dropped had EJ and Sami been written to be a love story. Not only can it never be proved, at this point it's simply wishful thinking, IMO. I used to be an EJami fan and then I got royally sick of Sami and my perception that she wasn't denying love for EJ; she just didn't love him, period. I saw the original chemistry fade to nothingness and EJ was rewritten as a groveling lapdog nanny so he could be "good enough" for Sami. I actually hated EJ and found him physically unattractive for basically almost the first half of 2008, until he started spending time with Nicole.

I realize opinions vary about this, but for me, the EJami ship sailed a long time ago, as it did for many viewers. I just don't see the point of speculating what might have happened to the ratings if 12/29 never happened.
Paxton - this is awesome! You put it how I see it.

I used to be the biggest EJami, but after this past year, I just can't buy them anymore unless the writers pull something really big to make me believe that Sami has always loved EJ....because she has treated him like nothing but shit all year.
I used to see amazing chemistry, but in their last scenes, it was gone. I don't know if it is the actors, or the writing, but AS and JS could make any scene hot, and their cabin scenes, stairwell scenes fell so flat.

Once upon a time, EJami rocked! But it lost something when EJ had to grovel and prove himself to the woman who has commit some of the most awful schemes. I hate hypocrite, crying, crazy Sami.
Recently, I have been glad that EJami was put out of their misery. They ruined it, not with 12.29 but with 2007-2008.

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