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Nov 28 2008, 11:27 PM
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Nov 27 2008, 11:08 PM
Thursday, December 11th
Chloe's bone marrow transplant is nearly put on hold due to her rising blood pressure; Marlena is shocked to learn she will share her office waiting area with Dr. Charlotte Taylor.
This Kate/Chloe thing is starting to sound like Bo/Chelsea, and that wasn't even a year ago.

Never mind the leukemia factor, which is stupid anyway - but this is more of "Will she make it in time to be the donor?" dreck that they played with Chelsea and Bo.

No thanks...

Its a total re-write of what happened with Chelsea and Bo. The story was much better at that point because those two were father-daughter. I still can't comprehend why Chloe would even bother to wanna help Kate. She's not exactly fond of her, aside from this possible being her daughter-inlaw thing.
Plus Chelsea and Bo's relationship had the history of Zack's death to make her more determined (though I think they really screwed up the story when they had Chelsea inexplicably get drunk while waiting to find out if she was a organ match).

But what is there to patch up with Chloe and Kate? They aren't even using it to strengthen Chloe/Lucas but to push Chloe more in Dan's orbit (which now that I think of it, that IS AN EXACT COPY of the pancreas story).
I hadn't even taken it that far, Tripp... but you're SO RIGHT. Wow, it's the SAME story if Chloe and Dan fall for each other.
for me this just about destroys the character of daniel. all i know of him thus far is that he's only attracted to sick people. ick. i can only assume his flip-flopping is due to chem-testing, but the character is being destroyed in the process.

the nicole stuff is just infuriating. were i writing, i would have had her tell the truth about her miscarrage and let her and ej grieve together. since it's pretty obvious that sami is giving her kid up for adoption, nicole and ej could have just unkowingly adopted it after she gives birth, which would have led to all kinds of angst when sami has to figure out what to do to protect her baby--a kidnapping maybe? now it looks like nicole is going to try to adopt a kid and pass it off as her own? come on now. new ej is dumb but he ain't that dumb. sami's baby is three months older than nicole's, and i find it hard to believe that ej would agree to be convienently absent during the birth of nicole's baby. anyway, there are a hundred different and better ways this story could have gone than pulling the old 'four month long' secret.
sami's baby is three months older than nicole's

In reality yes, but on the show , NO.. They are about a week or so apart at the most, remember the Elevator sex took place soon after Sami rejected EJ after being discovered in EJ's bed by Lucas, He (Lucas) was still under house arrest.
EJ turned to Nicole, Lucas turned to Chloe.
So by Salem's calander they are, or *Were* due around the same time.

I also hate the recycled Susan/Kristen story, and would have preferred Nicole being honest with EJ, because I believe EJ would have stood by her.. Marry her? I don know, maybe not.. but definately would have grieved with her and stood by her.. And after frankly felt they had a better chance then Ejami... I could see her keeping from him the knowledge that she could not carry a baby to term, because other options do exist.. surrogates would be an option for them.

Its beyond clear, and has been for some time that Dena Higbarf is incapable of writing anything of any real interest or excitement.
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