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Dec 3 2008, 09:27 PM
Dec 3 2008, 12:35 AM
If you'd based this on how well something was rewritten, I'd say you have a leg to stand on...maybe, but to suggest that rewriting history to make Bo the father of a baby when he'd never had sex with Hope within the nine months before she got pregnant (until they slipped it in afterward) is good and changing Tony into Andre in Aremid was bad (or the other examples you used) is just too ridiculous to take seriously...other than the fact it's completely based on how it affected your favorite characters on the show. That's all well and good, but it doesn't make critiquing a writer based how if he/she rewrites previous stories subjective, other than for you personally and even then it's not based strictly on the merits of the story...it's based on how your favorite character is treated in that story. Those are two completely different things, and it does not make the writing poor or good, it makes it your preference.

I have plenty of preferences when it comes to characters and what happens to them, but I don't use them as the basis for determining the quality of the writing. For instance, I liked many of the things that Hogan wrote in the last half of 07 but I didn't think his stories were all that great (at least not as they played out on screen), and I've never been a fan of Reilly, or practically anything he wrote but don't believe that made his stories crap either.
Such a good point. I've noticed lately how much my subjectiveness has played a huge part in the stories. I rewatched 2000 awhile back, and I realized that I always thought I hated those stories, but I enjoyed them tremendously this time. It was like viewing them through completely different eyes. I used to hate merc John, but this time I loved him. I hated Hope and John because I remembered it ruining their honeymoon. This time I loved them and felt so sorry for them, and loved the friendship between Bo, Hope, John, and Marlena. I never noticed how much love they showed between these four or how really wonderful they were together. I still hated Marlena, John, and Brady fighting, but I loved the passion of the characters and how human they were. I liked to think of Marlena as a perfect mom, but the more I suspended that belief, the more I just enjoyed the story and looked for the resolution. I watched enjoying despite or because of how angry they made me, and really appreciating the bones that were thrown. The writers attacked some of my core beliefs in John and Marlena, but they did it consistently and given that we didn't see Brady and Belle during their SORA-ized time, I could buy it, at least much of it. And surprisingly, when all was said and done, I didn't hate John and Marlena for being human. I loved them more for their love getting them through it.

Watching these dvds,nicely compacted, I noticed so many nice details in the writing that I really enjoyed and missed the first time. I did dislike them making JT John's son after going through all they did to make the point that it could only be John's or Stefano's, not to mention the DNA testing. It didn't kill the story for me, but it takes away from the story, and there was no storybased reason to change it. It was done to appease the fans.

When I look back at this year's storylines, what I've disliked has been that there just wasn't any direction as opposed to a direction that I just didn't like. I'd classify it as bad writing whereas I'd classify 2000-2001 as good writing but very subjective based on people's perceptions.

In a nutshell, I agree with you. Thanks!
yw :D

That is the thing about the writers now that I have such a problem with, besides the lack of direction, is their inability or unwillingness to acknowledge that human beings are affected, many times in ways that they'd never believe possible by the events happening around them or to them, and that good people can do lousy things to each other and that doesn't have to ruin a character.
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