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Dec 2 2008, 09:52 PM
Dec 2 2008, 09:47 PM
That's where I am now. If it were a 'Wagon Train' type of show with J&M, I'd probably stick around and watch even though it wouldn't be the show that I really want. So long as they had good moments at all, I've watched this long. I can't wish it dead if there are Bope, Tanna and other fans that will enjoy it. Right now, I still care because J&M are still on, and I'd like this last bit to be good, but I think after they're gone, I won't care for myself, but I won't wish the show dead.

At the same time, I have some pretty harsh resentment for Corday's mismanagement and Higley's writing, so it would be nice to see karma bite them. Just not at the expense of the actors and crew who are just doing their job.
I just want to make sure that what I'm saying is clear (though we all disagree, which is fine!) - what I'm saying is that I think Bope and Tanna fans won't be enjoying the show in a few months. I'm saying that if the ratings go down to a 0.9 or something like that (again, just hypothetical), then I'd think that Days should have been canceled, because I'd like it to 'go out in style' rather than waste away (though it already may be too late for that). But I do understand what both of you are saying, that even with extremely low ratings, there will still be some people who are enjoying the show.
I think I understand what you are saying...you'd rather see the show leave with dignity and pride rather than watch it die an indignant death.

I'm torn. I agree that Corday's mismanagement (and that's putting it lightly) is the reason his organization is in shambles. I akin him to the leadership of giant corporations, banks, etc who are living it up in the land of luxury while those who supported them for so many years are left holding an empty bag. The "I got mine" attitude doesn't go over well. Corday has promised time and time again that a big story is coming only to have it hiccup and be gone. Directions shift more than the wind and the young set just doesn't have the acting chops to hold the storyline. If he wants to re-invent he needs to look back to a time when Days was successful and re-energize those ingredients. The romance, the family base, the character development, the storylines which were intertwined with other storylines - magnifying a couple, an ensemble, an individual, a cause. It made sense.

As for Higley's writing as well as her leadership from the helm of headwriter - well that's nonexistent to many. There is no storyline, no depth, no development of characters. Events are replayed, rewritten in more ways than are imaginable and never given time to develop. There is no creativity, no ingenuous attempts at creating something fresh and new. It's stale, old, boring (for the most part). Every once in awhile I see a glimmer of strength only to have it trashed in the next day or so.

Shows have re-invented themselves in the toughest of times. It's possible. But more often than not a show which looses its foundation and veteran characters who have brought people to watch the show and tries to reinvent gets canned rather quickly.

It would show creativity, strength, determination and desire to succeed to take the budget cuts, set shortages, etc and work with ingredients on hand (veterans and a solid storyline) to reinvent the based on previous success. Instead of fixing the problem they are treating the symptom and that just means more symptoms will happen.

I don't watch the show regularly anymore. But I acknowledge that there are individuals who are enjoying the activities of their favourite characters. The sad part is the overdose of the same characters equates to loss of viewers.

In the day of budget cuts and set reductions, instead of hiring so many unknowns why not look to what's in the pantry and make the best use of it.

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