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I'm always thrilled to see Doug and Julie any time, so I'm thrilled they'll be doing the Christmas Story. It's really a shame they aren't on the show full time - SSH can act RINGS around most on daytime, and she and BH are such a fabulous couple, and so linked in with so many characters on the show. A real waste. Sigh. And I'm all kinds of sad about Frances probably not being able to do the Christmas show, but I can't say I'm surprised either, given the reports we've had on her health. I hope the writers do as many have suggested and use an old clip of her, because I agree, it just wouldn't be Christmas without Alice!!

I'm totally sad at the idea this could be John and Marlena's last Christmas, but I'm betting what we get for that is Marlena's Miracle of John regaining his memory, given what Kenny said was planned for them.

I guess I'll just have to hope that they are somehow hiding something and we will actually get some motion on the EJami S/L, or at least some good scene as a break in the raging suckitude of this Rafe/Nicole crap. Interesting that EJ is spoiled but Nic isn't - hoping that is significant, cuz I so want her downfall to begin SOONEST! The Ho needs to Go! And I can't believe they would really have Sami spend Christmas apart from her babies and her family, never mind EJ. Days has always been big on reuniting families at Christmas, and I'll really be shocked if they just leave her locked away. Of course, with these writers, no idea is too awful to be off the table. Sigh.

At least give us Alice, okay guys?
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