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The almighty dollar rules all sadly.

This brings a curious thought to my mind, but first there is information in other places that NBC is making budget cuts on primetime shows, too. The show "Chuck" is one and I got that info from About.com if I recall right.

Before this repeat of history except now on a World wide scale is said and done, belt tightning and budget cuts are going to happen in everything we watch, touch, eat, wear, drive (why the big 3 auto makers want help), need I go on.

Now for the curious thought given certain contracts Days actors are taking rather than leave the show. First, this is no cutting remark on any of the Days actors, but I wonder if there is more to the firing of Drake and Hall. Were they the first ones approached to renegotiate contracts and take a paycut and not knowing what was coming down the way, refused said paycut.

Then again as long as I have watched Days this is standard operating procedure for budget cuts and usually the actors came back. Some even have clauses in their contracts that allow them out for special movies, events, or whatever. There are so many legal options that actors can take now.

If Days is not using those options, then the Days powers-that-be are literally cutting the show's figurative throat. 18 months is not a very long time and as actors get released (fired or whatever) and viewers just don't find it worth the anger or irritation or just don't care anymore, Days won't have a reason to go past 18 months or make it to the 18 month mark.

That thought brings up the looming historical fact that NBC has been notorious for dropping Soaps while the other networks still keep theirs going. I am so sick of Judge whoever shows on NBC stations that end up in those timespots.

:sheep: And every bit of news I hear these days and the past several years from NBC especially regarding Days makes it look a little to clear to me that NBC is just trying to dump Days little by little. There are still fans so they just keep postponing, but NBC (or is it Universal who owns NBC now) just keeps digging the cancellation attempt hole deeper and putting the writing on the wall and they have for years. They make more money apparently with less work by opting for those syndicated or whatever reality shows in the daytime, too. :sigh:

What is funny (not in a humourous way) is that other networks keep grabbing fired Days actors and I can tell that ex-Mimi, ex-1st Belle, and ex-1st Shawn D seem quite happy with the rolls they have on OLTL and Gen Hosp respectively. OLTL took Mimi and Phillips story and made Mimi into Gigi with a 9 year old son from a high school love and an MIA marine husband who wasn't really missing and were able to explore the Post Traumatic Stress dilemma. Gen Hosp gave ex-Belle and ex-Shawn D. strong characters and let them build into them for a few months before they even approached the hint that Dr. Matt and Maxie might eventually find each other.

I am irritated at Days letting John go because they finally got a Brady (ex-Passions Ethan) who looks like he could actually be John's son and can stand toe-to-toe in scenes with the Dimera's and John. I like this Brady a lot better than Browder.

Days just always seems to think they have to go the crazy/sci-fi route to bring viewers in and maybe that is from J. Reilly's (R.I.P.) hold for so long. I am slowly becoming a watcher of both OLTL and General Hospital although the Soprano wanna be storylines are a bit much IMHO. Semi-normalcy is nice although I did enjoy OLTL's anniversary shows. Those were fun.

But on Days, poor John Black's brain is Swiss Cheese from all of Stephano's tampering. :frustration:

I have watched Days from the very beginning in 1965 and all I see and hear now just makes me extremely sad.

:shrug: :shame: So I ask one question, Is NBC/Universal just biding its time to basically starve Days little by little until viewers finally leave enough so they can justify finally pulling the plug on Days and send it into the NBC Soap grave where it will join The Doctors, Another World, Generations, Sunset Beach, and Passions (I may have missed a few names or one or two).

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