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Dec 3 2008, 02:57 PM
I've never been a believer of EJ and Nicole's lame love story, but I like where this is going so far. The only thing I have a problem with is Nicole's motive behind faking her pregnancy. It's because she doesn't want to lose EJ that she's doing this. What about the baby she just lost? I would rather if they played it that Nicole is doing this because she doesn't want to lose EJ and because she fell in love with that comfort thought of a child and she's going to have this child one way or another.

Making this all about her not wanting to lose EJ is why soap opera women are weak.
Well, I bought the love story but I do agree in liking this story. As Kev said, it's nice to see a major story with repercussions. We had one with John dying last year but the show reneged on that. The show hasn't had a story in a long time like this and hopefully they will follow through to the end because the last few years they have changed course and screwed it all up and that is why it's taken so long to have a story like this.

I do disagree about Nicole not mourning or thinking about the baby. She's mentioned the baby numerous times and so much of this seems driven by the fact that she can't have anymore children. She came up with the "padding plot" right after she learned she couldn't have anymore children. She held on to hope and it was dashed and now she thinks she has no shot with EJ because she can't give him what Sami already has. I think this is about the comfort thought of having a child for that reason because at least with that baby she had someone (along with a hold on EJ) and now she won't have no one if she loses EJ, hence why she is doing all this to hold on to him.

I just think it's interesting because we are getting shades of old and new Nicole. So far, I'm enjoying it but they need to work up the Sami aspect of this since we all know Nicole will end up with her baby somehow.

This sounds good though. I have to laugh at people being shocked by this story still going on. It's been only two weeks. Hopefully, they will build this sucker for awhile and let it play out for once. The show needs a longterm story with a big payoff. It's been awhile.
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