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Dec 4 2008, 02:05 AM
Yeah, again I'm sorry for you and other fans who are losing John and Marlena. That should be respected instead of people jumping for joy. The show will survive, but it will certainly be a different one.

Oh, and one more Roman and Diana scene that I loved. lol Drake was hilarious in it playing drunk, and the very end of the clip; total 80s soap. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oYzV5jC2Tc

And our very own Dena Higley was in the writing credits!!! lol

I love that clip and that story. Drake was too cute. I loved him as Roman and Genie as Diana even though I missed Marlena. The music was so good back then too. It used to start at just the right moment. You knew when a big moment was coming and could feel the anticipation. You also knew when something bad was coming and wondered, 'what the heck are they gonna do the them now!?' I miss the music. I read it's too expensive to have all that music now, but I think it added alot to the stories. Vic was also such a great bad guy back then.

I see Higley in the credits and cringe, but I do think she's a good scene writer. From what I read back then, they laid out storyboards and planned the stories, hence so much interaction between stories with Kane and Payla. They often dovetailed into each other. So I think if someone is laying it out, and DH has direction, she does a good job of writing it. I just don't think she's good at creating or organizing stories. It feels random vs. thought out and planned. Not sure how much of that is Corday's influence, so I do often feel bad judging her, but it seems like she'd have some kinda control. I'd just like to feel like there's some kind of plan and that I'm not going to make it thru all this and not get a payoff. No matter how mad I used to get with a story, I always felt like in the end, it would be worth it. I've lost that feeling, though I still hope or did.

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