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Dec 4 2008, 09:37 AM
Dec 4 2008, 02:39 AM
Dec 3 2008, 02:53 PM
Dec 3 2008, 02:51 PM
Sorry, but I'm not buying the flimsy 'pills made Nick a murderer' excuse.
But it is what it is. It's logical. It's lame, sure. But it's logical. His character hasn't been destroyed. He has an out.
Yep. I do have to say that I'm disappointed (issue I told you so here LOL) in how they handled it because they barely went into Nick's issues. It was basically said it was the pills but no reason why the pills did it or what the pills were or whatever. You can tell they just decided to get rid of him and threw it together now. I think Nick was always an option but I have a feeling Higley may have wanted to go one way and Whitesell/Tomlin another.

I am surprised he lasted this long. I think Nick/Melanie was all Ed Scott because the minute Tomlin got there, that was nixed and Nick went psycho. I think he agreed with Higley on getting rid of Nick and Ed Scott may have stood in the way of that. I like Blake and hate losing a Horton but I've felt Nick was a waste since Hogan's final months. Nick has had no purpose since summer 2007. It seemed like he just floated around. He did nothing in the rapist story and he did nothing this year until Melanie showed up. At least they are leaving it open for a return but I can't see it happening. I think someone like Hogan is the only one who would care to write for him.

As for Jay, I wasn't worried after daytime confidential said he was staying. That was good enough for me. Glad to get it from the mags too though. He is very much needed.
I think there was great potential in Nick. The Melanie/Nick/Chelsea triangle had so many great things going for it and Nick was a fairly popular character. I don't see why writers would have a problem writing for a character like him. Granted he was overly good but that's why you have the character screw up, force to deal with consequences (which don't send him off the show) and then he tries to recover, hopefully growing closer to a love interest along the way.

And I still don't get why they can't figure stories out for Blake but yet continue to write for Darin. He's not in the hunk category. I'm sorry. This might sound cruel, but his receding hairline, bad taste in jewelry and clothes, inability to grow facial hair and underwhelming body makes him look ridiculous everytime they insist on propping his character with constant compliments.

It's even more insulting that with every compliment Max gets on his looks, the show felt they had to counter Nick with an insult on his looks. I give you he's skinny but it works so well with his character and he's not less good looking then Max.

And the show is so stupid if they would just LOOK AROUND. Do they not realize that geeky guy stories are in? Hell, one of NBC's few popular shows is Chuck. A popular character on GH is Spinelli. It's just staggering to me that the show felt they couldn't do anything with Nick's character when they have written Max in every conceivable way and STILL he's not gone anywhere. I hate to make this BB versus DB, but when the show has to do cost cutting and supposedly one of these guys from this generation have to go, it seems pretty clear which one should but of course the show chooses the other less talented, versatile and limited (story) one.
It's not about the looks, Tripp. I see Nick as the same type of character as Jack. He is complex.

Max could've been complex too with his character's history but the writer's botched that and made him a generic soap character who can be a bit of a player at times but also a heroic figure. They have him on the same path as Roman, Bo, etc.

Nick is complex because he isn't the average character. Hogan set him up that way. Here we have an intelligent scientist who has a quirky charm about him when written right. He goes against the traditional soap hunk grain. Not everyone can write for that. In fact, I think most writers can't unless they actually created him. I knew Higley couldn't, especially since she didn't have much to go on. Whenever a character is created by the previous writer's regime, they are in danger when said writer leaves unless they have a strong fanbase and have been involved in many stories or are currently involved in many stories. Nick has fans but he had nothing when Higley started. Even Hogan barely wrote for him after summer 2007. Therefore, Higley just sort of left him alone and I think he would've been gone around the time Chelsea took up with Daniel if not for Ed. I think Ed kept him around and I think he was in favor of Nick/Melanie and the triangle but it got dropped when his stuff stopped airing and Higley was able to finally get rid of him since it seems Tomlin agreed with that direction. They clearly want to go with more traditional, generic soap characters. I'm not completely on board with that either but it is what it is.

As I said, I compare Nick to Jack. They had a similar vibe and weren't the traditional soap hunk. Only certain writers get Jack. In the 90's, Jack become a bit buffoonish at times. JER and Langan did not like Matt so they axed him and brought the character back as more traditional looking for a soap in the form of Mark Valley. They made Jack more serious and made him a normal hero rather then a atypical one. Of course, Steve Wilder's Jack was a a traditional soap hunk cutout. That one was the worst. When Jack returned under Langan he buffoonery continued. It occurred to a lesser extent under B&C but they slowly got him out of it and put him back at The Spectator in his element. They seem to get J&J for the most part as a couple and Jack as a character. Then Higley came on and made Jack too silly again only to have JER return and kill off Jack several times. I will give JER credit though...when Jack was onscreen he actually "got" him the second time around. The best stuff Jack and J&J had was under Beth Milstein right around the time they were leaving. She clearly got them in spades.

I guess what I'm saying is that the character of Nick isn't understood by many writers, like Jack isn't, and I could see the character being recasted with a more traditional looking soap actor (like Jack was twice) before I can see most writers writing him the way he should be. I think Higley did write him as a normal character. He lost what made him special and I think Hogan was verging down that road too at the end. I didn't mind the character changing but I do think the character was lost a bit. It is hard to write for him. Max you can throw anything at but Nick is a different type of character and not everything will work unless you completely change the character and I would rather he go then seeing that happen.

I think the key too is DB got an Emmy nod. He is talented but he isn't Blake. I will hate to see him go but I do like Max. I just wish they would try to salvage the development of him as a character a bit. I also hope that Nick returns some day under a writer that can write well for him but I can't see it happening. I think he will end up being a forgotten Horton that we only see mentioned on Christmas. You will see Jeremy, Sarah, etc back before he is. The Fallon's were never mentioned for years before Hogan and I think that will happen again. I don't think Nick is viewed as important enough. I think Hogan viewed him as that early on but even at the end I got the sense he was in limbo when it came to him.
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