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I'd imagine the cast and crew have been upset of a long time now, but everyone 'toes the line' so to speak because the 'family' image of the show shouldn't be upset. How can the employees not feel like the ship is sinking when they rehearse, tape and produce the same mundane scenes week after week and then have any direction be rerouted at a moments notice.

With the continual problems in the writing department, at least Hogan had some direction (though I know Kenny had his fingers in that pot too), his dialogue was intellegent, and I rather enjoyed the pacing of the show. That being said he wrote some complete drivel as well. Dena on the other hand has yet to follow through with any thing remotely intelligent or compelling and has little understanding of the characters themselves.

In the soap world it's the characters and the audiences relationship with them that keeps us coming back. I started watching Days in '81 and watched through '93 then returned in early '07. I returned because I was watching characters that I loved back onscreen. They beauty of daytime is that you can write practically any obnoxious story (whether loved or hated) and the fans will wade through it as long as the characters deal with the situations in character.

If tptb completely decimate every character I know, and they are rapidly acheiving that goal, I will quit watching but until then I watch everyday with my trusty ff button at hand.
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