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Dec 4 2008, 01:53 PM
I really hope for the sake of the show and daytime that the fans out there I'm talking about come to the conclusion that they are not helping and actually do what I'm suggesting. That isn't to say it will definitely help and I could be wrong about some things but it's the way I view the situation.
Thanks Phoenix. I trimmed most of the message because this was getting long, but what you say here is what I've been thinking. Can soaps be saved, what is wrong, etc. I'm incredibly sad that Days is over for me, but keeping thinking about the situation.

Again using the Gina story, it not only set up the JT conflict, it set up conflict for every permutation of those couples because they were such friends, and this had impact to all of those friendships. I loved Bo and John, so it killed me both when they were good friends and when they started going after each other, same effect with Marlena and Hope, Marlena and Bo, etc. The baby swap added to it, with Hope's guilt over JT being sick due to what she thought was her drinking, the health issues due to the baby swap that kept John involved and worried, Lexie, Abe, Stefano brought into the mix, not to mention the ripple effect they had with Marlena being jealous of JT paralleling her supposed jealousy of Brady (I hated it, but the story was put together to make that connection). Had the baby remained John's or been Stefano's, the possibilities were endless.

Even taking the Ava situation this year. Had they had Marlena separate from John realistically, with him not being John because of Stefano, I could have seen Marlena with a new love interest. Watched both of them in new relationships. My feeling is that in time, they'd get back together. I just have that much faith in their chemistry. I love the angst of watching them get back together. The little glimmers of hope, the looks. I could see John being totally evil with Ava, but his core starting to work on him. Marlena avoiding him, but that connection eventually coming back. I could see dire circumstances (STEFANO) throwing them together, maybe bitterly at first but it changing to those old feelings coming back. It could take years, but I'd hope. If during this time, somehow I liked John and Marlena better with others, then so be it. I don't think that could happen, but I can't be jealous of everyone who comes near them out of fear that their relationship won't make it. If that's the case, it doesn't deserve to last and hopefully, if it's a story driven change, I may get on board as well. It's a risk, but you gotta have faith.

I was despondent when Marlena and John didn't get together in '91. I liked Isabella and Roman, but I always watched for J&M to get together because even in scenes as just friends, they were 'meant to be'. Took forever, but those were the best years of hoping!

The big problem I see atm, is that I really don't have faith in the writers to tell stories that get you invested. I'm not sure if it's Corday's influence or ineptitude or a combination of both. The J&M story could have worked on many levels. It just never seemed to have any direction. I don't think I'll be on for the Nicole/Ej/Sami/Rafe stuff, but they don't seem to have any real direction, more like just scenes that aren't going to lead to a payoff. I get the Kristen connection. I love that kind of story. I can suspend belief with the best of them. But Kristen's story was dependent on John and Marlena's love. I just don't feel that with Ej/Sami or Ej/Nicole. Hopefully, they have another type of payoff in mind. It seems like drama for the sake of the moments, but directionless. I'm certainly willing to wait it out, or would be if J&M were staying, but it doesn't even have me interested in a 'I hate this' or 'I love this' kinda way. I may enjoy the moments, but the overall story has just become tired. I just don't care. I think you have to care one way or another. They have to get you invested. The writers need to rebuild trust, and we need to have faith. I honestly just do not have faith in Higley, and I just don't think there's time for things to change. I wish it would.

Sorry for the book. I'll stop now. I just wish things could get better. It feels so hopeless.
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