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Dec 4 2008, 05:54 PM
Any kind of disagreement seems rather anathema on this board, but fans hated John and Hope yet Days continued this story for four years. How long should untalented writers be allowed to keep a story going when fans hated it?

Since we are all about quoting old writers, how about Doug Marland who said know what your audience wants to see? Or Sheri who ended the Chris/Marlena relationship because they weren't connecting and John and marlena were?

The ones who say just go along for the ride at various shows don't realize that sometimes that ride simply isn't enjoyable because fans no longer recognize the characters.

But in the end, it is the fans fault. Thanks Ken.
and we're back again to who decides what the audience really wants to see and how it gets measured...the show and the network and the advertisers use the ratings and yet when those ratings show something that may not back up a particular poster's opinion, I hear they don't mean anything...or they don't mean what people want them to mean, but when they do, those ratings are used constantly as THE measure of how popular A couple is...even though it is the show being measured, not a portion of it.
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