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Dec 3 2008, 09:01 PM
Dec 2 2008, 11:29 PM
Dec 2 2008, 05:44 PM
Am I the only one almost wishing the show was cancelled? If the result of renewal means trimming the budget by several actors, losing sets and still continued bad ass writing, then I wished everyone could have gotten a happy ending and be done with it.
No you aren't. I think that would have been right thing to do. If the show is in such a financial mess that it had to let the star of the show go, what exactly is their reason for continuing? What show continues once they've done that?! Sure, the remaining cast/crew will get a (smaller) pay check for the next 18 months, but is continuing this charade really worth it?! DAYS was just barely making it as it was. Now with more cuts, it will no doubt only get worse.

I'm just glad that once Deidre and Drake exit, I can finally wash my hands of this show!
I'm sad to see Dee go, but I think it's a little out there to think that Dee is the star of the show, and without her, there isn't any show.
Well Its been widely acknowleged that Deidre is infact the Star of Days, and that she and Drake are the core foundation and that John/Marlena and Bo/Hope are who made this show a success for the last 25 years.
Yes there have been many other succesful couples and characters But .. That does not take away from The Star Power they bring. And none have had the staying power, fan following and impact of these 2 Supercouples.

You may see it differently, perhaps for you they are all just as Corday said "Spokes on a wheel, and easily recast".
But if thats how you see it then I would presume you have not been watching for too long, and sadly missed out on the opportunity to bond with any of these amazing characters..
Dee and Drakes last day will be my last day.. but I would not have missed these last 25-30 years for anything.

I agree that Alice is certainly part of that foundation, and a Star in her own right.. but She has not had any main storyline since even before Tom died. She is now more a "Figurehead" then a Star.
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