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December 04, 08:42 PM

I canít believe how many people have called, texted and emailed me, my husband and everyone I know to ask about Ellen today. As if she would really leap over a woman in labor to go open presents! Lol. I was a guest on the show yesterday, and they were so excited to be doing the first day of their big 12 days of giveaways.

For me itís always a blast to be on Ellenís show. Sheís hilarious, and fun to talk to and of course, it was pretty cool, running into Ludacris in the hallway. He said hi to Ben, and Ďpoundedí fists with him. While he was performing Ben was totally rocking out to the music too. So cute.

So, anyway, before the show they asked me if Iíd be willing to set up the audience gift portion with a gag. Iím always game, and Ellen thought it would be funny to have me mock going into labor at the beginning of that segment. And be sure to sprawl out as much as possible so she really had to leap over me. Lol. So, I did the best I could. As soon as she passed me, I jumped up and laughed and clapped with the audience so everyone would see that I was okay. But I guess that didnít make it on camera. I didnít really think about it beyond that. Next thing I know, my best friend from New York is instant messaging me this morning about it. She wrote that if we hadnít already been emailing that morning she would have thought something had really happened. Then I started getting more and more calls. My mom had me pulled out of a meeting! I said ďMOM!!! Come on! If Iíd gone into labor, I would DEFINITELY have called you!!!Ē

The best are the gossip site ďreportsĒ. Uh huh, clearly lots of thorough reporting going on there. One site even claimed I had gone to the hospital. Now they all have retractions up.

So anyway, itís not true. Iím fine. The baby is fine. I have a check up tomorrow, weíre still looking at mid-January when sheís expected. Thank you all for your concern. Iím sorry if anyone was alarmed! If I had any idea that it wouldnít be clear that it was a joke, I would have said something, but I just didnít realize how the story would get so out of control!!

Iím prepping for the live Biggest Loser 6 Finale, Tuesday December 16th. Hope you all tune in. There are so many incredible transformations, and wonderful people I look forward to seeing again.



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