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Dec 5 2008, 12:44 AM
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four years of talking however

And the two months of the jungle, Days lost a million viewers.

But hey, let's just repeat what isn't working.
I'm not going to debate much of what you wrote, I will just say I don't agree with it lol But I highly doubt the ratings went down because John and Hope were sharing scenes together. JER had left; all of the big stories had ended...

Everyone talks about what the "fans" want. Well, if you are John and Marlena fan, of course any story that in anyway betrays their "sacred love," it is going to be considered a horrible story. Same with Bo and Hope, and Tony and Anna, and Steve and Kayla. But there are a lot of fans out there who watch for the whole show. They care about story. I found the John and Hope connection interesting and I wish it had gone forward. Tony and Marlena? Not so much.
John and Marlena fans tuned in, loving most of the stories, when they weren't even together. I watched when John was with Kristen and loved the show, so I disagree that any story that doesn't have J&M together is going to be something fans won't watch. The problem with the John/Hope story was that there was never anyone to root for. But when John was with Kristen, I rooted for John and Marlena. That's the difference between two different writers right there. The only John/Hope connection was a contrived rewrite of history, claiming that John was in love with a Hope look-alike in his past. Yet all his years in Salem living as a Brady he never looked at Hope and felt any kind of connection to his past? Puleeze. The whole thing was ridiculous and turned millions of fans away.
You liked the show when John was with Kristin because it was clear as day that the story was leading to John and Marlena. And I don't accept that the John/Gina thing turned millions of viewers away. How many other stories were going on at the time? Yet, the story you didn't like, is what turned the viewers off....
Well, you're kind of putting words in my mouth. I actually liked the show, and J&M, before there was any indication that they would be pairing them once again way down the road. I've been watching soaps my whole life and I know that nothing on soaps is guaranteed, and I never had a clue they would actually put them together again. I didn't fully get excited about that prospect until after the gas chamber when they started to make it clear that Kristen was turning into a conniving bitch. In fact, I got hooked on J&M during Maison Blanche, when they weren't even a couple, and the story went on to become the Tony/Kristen/John triangle. So, really it's not as black and white as you would like to paint it.

As for Jope turning away viewers, you can believe what you want. There is no way to prove it either way. I just know that a lot of people I knew at the time online quit watching, most of them completely disappeared. If you think it was a popular story, more power to you.
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