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Dec 5 2008, 04:19 PM
Doug and Julie look adorable! They're timeless. Every time we see them, they look exactly the same as they did the last time we saw them. They never age! I would love for them to become a more steady part of the show.

The actress playing Ciara is so cute. She kind of looks like Peter Reckell's real-life wife.

Stefano is on the same set as Theo?!?!?! Please tell me we get a scene, FINALLY!

I see a scene where Steve and Kayla are interacting with Philip. I really hope they play Steve as being cautious about Philip and Stephanie's developing relationship, giving that Victor is Philip's father. I really don't want to see Steve and Kayla completely okay with Philip and Stephanie. I wouldn't mind it if Victor is okay with the pairing though, but for Steve and Kayla to be okay with it, no way!

I'm really curious about the Christmas Eve episode though. Will Alice be there? Will it even be at the Horton house?
I agree. D&J never change. I would like to see them around more. Have them move into Alice's or something.

I never saw it before but your right. Ciara does look like Peter's wife. She does look like Bope's kid though so that is good.

I do hope we get a Stefano/Theo scene. I mean, they are on the same set so it would be a pretty big missed opportunity if we don't.

I agree about Steve and Kayla. I want Steve to be uncomfortable with it. Kayla, not so much because she wouldn't like that. Victor, I can go either way. I would prefer Victor was uncomfortable with it too because Steve and him have always had issues but it's not as big a deal on his end as Steve's.

I don't think we will be seeing Alice, sadly. OBK already said we get the Ornament hanging so we should see the Horton house and I think that may transpire on the 12/24 episode. It seems like most of 12/25 may be at the hospital but that is just basing the info on the pictures and what I've heard, which isn't much. I just hope they choose to use that taped scene of Alice wishing fans a Merry Christmas if she can't make it. Anyway to involve her would be nice.
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