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Miss Rhi
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You know what contrary to what Kenny says your not free to rake him over the coals, he mistyped in his original post and had apologized for that more then once. It's easier to get an apology through when your speaking because it can be done in the moment, but on these message boards I know we've all had times where we didn't check our posts before we've pressed the enter button and ended up embarrassed about what we've said later.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who uses the boards as an escape on occasion. I freely admit that there have been times that I've posted while my mind was on other things, and ended up going back and reading older posts and wondering what the heck I was really thinking about at the time.

Next time someone has THAT much of a problem with what someone has typed try contacting the person by PM first to make sure they meant what you think they did before you try to blast them in the open.

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