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Dec 6 2008, 11:00 AM
Dec 6 2008, 10:59 AM
Dec 5 2008, 09:00 PM
I find it ironic that Brady cares so much about what Nicole is doing. I'd expect him to be all over Chloe's actions like that.
Well if Philip can kiss Chloe and admit to both Morgan and Chelsea that he's in love with her and then do nothing about it then why would you expect Brady to have any feelings for Chloe either? I love that Philip is going to ask out Stephanie after never telling Chloe that he loves her when he's told everyone else. :eyeroll:
None of these relationship stories are making any sense, and the motives behind them are very poorly explained.
Well, I choose to ignore everything what happened during the Higley/Scott/Higley/Tomlin/Whittesel mess. Sometimes I doubt even the writers knew what made it on screen and there was so many changes and direction switches its better to not analyse it.

All I want is some firm direction from now on, so the show can finally stabilise in 2009. Im willing to accept character departures and history rewrites like the monday with naive EJ as long as it means some base for a story is established and that story is actually told thoroughly, not canceled in the middle or suddenly forgotten, crippled or changed because budget, set limititations, EPs bad hair day, etc.

Im not huge fan of the Kate/Dan/Lucas/Chloe story, but atleast its finally going somewhere and the final when everything is exposed could be a good soap. And I really like the spoilers for Steph/Phillip/Mel and Nicol/EJ/Brady and Im happy JKJ resigned because it means atleast those two stories can go on without another major changes.

Im not focusing on anything involving the vets, Stefano, Tony, or any other older or expensive character, because Im pretty sure whatever theyve had planned for them (if anything) is rewritten just now.

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