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Dec 6 2008, 11:20 AM
Dec 3 2008, 01:49 AM
All of the actor's and actress' who are on DAYS and have blogs talk about their personal lives for the majority of their entries.

Everyone comes down hard on Higley for doing it when Melvin and Sweeney do exactly the same thing. The last paragraph is more times than not the only DAYS-related info.
I hope I'm tapping into how people are feeling about writers' blogs versus actors' blogs with this: (at least from my perspective:)

I think people tend to be more interested in actors' personal lives than the writers' because the actors are out there. We see them. We identify with them and often, people see them more as the characters than the actors themselves. We care about them because THEY are the ones who come into our living room on a daily (weekly, whatever) basis. They're the ones who emote onscreen. They're real to us. Having actors blog about their own families and their characters gives us more perspective about the faces we see on a regular basis.

The writer works the background to put together what we see on screen. In essence, they are faceless. We don't identify with them because we don't see them. We consider them the ones who put everything together. As a result, I think more fans want to hear the behind the scenes stuff from them. Since we don't see them and haven't learned to care about them in a human capacity, we don't want to hear about their personal lives. Our caring and love goes towards the faces we see.

Does that make any sense? :huh1: :lol:
You're exactly right. We're used to seeing the actors on our screens and feel that in a very small way we know Rachel Melvin and Ali Sweeney and the other actors who blog. However, Dena is kind of an invisible person so we don't feel any connection to her; therefore, most of us aren't interested in her life. Also, I think when you drag your children's personal lives into your public blog, you've crossed a line. It's one thing for Ali to report on some cute thing Ben says; it's quite another to tell the world you don't think your adult son can find his way through an airport. My son would disown me if I did that!
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