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Streetcorner Philosopher

Dec 6 2008, 11:20 AM
I hope I'm tapping into how people are feeling about writers' blogs versus actors' blogs with this: (at least from my perspective:)
I think you have an excellent point.

Part of it for me is that it's a Production Blog. I'm not navigating to a personal website, it's not "At Home with Higley." Given the title and the location of the blogs, I expect them all to be focused on Days. Since it's connected to the network, I expect them to be selling the show.

From my perspective, actors sell their products by selling themselves, so if you want to tell a story about a cute little puppy- great. I get that. You're appealing to your fans by revealing something personal about yourself. It's the same thing you would do on a talk show or a magazine interview.

I think it's ridiculous for a writer to try and do the same thing. I don't like writers because I like or relate to them as people; I like ones with good ideas. Talk to me about those.

Beyond that, whether you're an actor or a writer out their pimping yourself by revealing personal info, there's a basic standard you need to meet. You have to know your audience well enough to know what they want to hear, you have to time your pimping right, and you have to be entertaining while you do it or the whole thing is sloppy propaganda. You also have to make sure that your image is coherent- if you're a bitch in all the tabloids, don't try to play it sweet in a blog. It comes off fake.

Higley totally violated all of that.

If you're going to try to manipulate me into liking you, give me a little credit, put some fucking effort into it.

Compare hers with James Scott's. He wrote a coherent little thing about a cute puppy he got and asked for suggestions about a name. It was an appropriate story, it fit with his public image, and since he's not the center of the controversy right now it didn't come off like he was trying to distract us from all the bad.

Higley threw up some awkward little story that I can't really relate to. I don't fully understand what she wants me to think of her based on that entry, and I'm not sure why she's telling me that story at all. In fact, I'm a little turned off that she seems to be selling herself as a writer using her son's autism. At least Jenny McCarthy has connected herself to a cause, so when she talks about her son there's a context for it.

It would have been more appropriate to say something like "My son came home from college, the family is together and I love the holidays..."

But even then, she's the center of a major shit-storm. The WGA stuff, Ed Scott & The Diva, and the recent firings...and she's going to choose now to step out and tell me a story? Either she's ignorant of what the audience wants to hear from her or she's stupid- neither quality is endearing.

Amateurish in her attempt, inappropriate in tone and timing, I think she deserves to get ripped to shreds for this.

And, if Deidre Hall went and did the same thing, I'd have the same reaction.
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