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Dec 6 2008, 04:43 PM
The difference is that Sami was not getting the best material when it "was" the Sami show. All she did was cry or bitch...every show! It was so hard to tune her out.<br /><br />I guess I can't complain that it is the Nicole show because Nicole is acting sassy one day, crying the next, flirting the next, etc. It's being varied and I still find her entertaining. She isn't overbearing to me. <br /><br />And even though she MAY not be on as much, it still feels like the Sami show because all Sami is still doing is crying/yelling...same stuff for the past few years. <br /><br />And I don't buy that this is Higley's fault. Obviously, AS wanted this written in for whatever reason, so now that it is in and it sucks, it's not entirely Higley's doing. What can you do with a pregnant woman who doesn't want to tell the father and still make it interesting?? I almost wish they would have had Lucas pretend to be the father instead of bringing in Rafe.
It was very clear that Sami is the character that Hogan decided to write for then he was fired and Higley took over and Higley chose to write good material for Nicole .... New writer's want to put their own stamp on the material and it is not unusual for the new writer to go in totally different direction when they can. The problem with Days in the past three/four years they have three different HW plus they have interim writer's between Jer and Hogan and scab writer's between Hogan and Higley .... Plus they have had Three associate producers too..Inconsistency all over the place!
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