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Dec 6 2008, 01:38 PM
Dec 5 2008, 03:07 PM
Dec 5 2008, 01:44 PM
And if you're 90% of the rest of the fans here, Sami suffers the brunt. There were countless posts about how Sami should have a miscarriage, or hoping she'd have a long rest during AS's maternity leave, or saying she's whiny and self centered.
Can you blame us? We've had to suffer through Sami's obnoxious whining and crying being front and center for almost two years now.
Mason, you're batting 1000 in this thread.

I've noticed it on other boards, too. Many Days posters (INCLUDING some former EJami fans) are sick of Sami. Based on what I noticed, quite a few Ejami fans were already getting a little worn BEFORE Nicole ever came on the scene. The whole writing and glitterizing and personality changes for both Sami and EJ to force them to fit a mold made people tired. Then, you double that with Santeen (actually, I enjoyed them more than Ejami), and it was too much.
EJole, for a lot of people, is refreshing. Of course, it's in the process of getting ruined, too, so I guess anti-Nicole folks can rejoice in that. The thing is, quite a few people JUST DON'T GIVE A RAT'S ASS about Ejami anymore. They're burned out. So, Ejole sinks. If they go back to Ejami, I suspect there will only be a clustered few who hang on just cause they want their couple, regardless. So, all the stammering and stuttering and spitting and saying this is the way it was meant to be ain't gonna mean jack shit if most people JUST DON'T CARE. Burn out. When a ship has sailed, let the friggin' thing sail.

How is this any different than the ejami fans saying ejami would save the show? The thing is, there's just no way of knowing what the majority of the fans will and won't accept until it's on screen. The ejami ship has sailed- for you, and for some of the people on what ever other boards you go on. Every board has its own culture where different storylines/characters are more/less accepted than others. Here, I see a lot of praise for Theo's story, for example, and criticism for ejami. On other places, it's the exact opposite. Most posters don't want to be the one person disagreeing with the mob, so to speak.

I absolutely believe Highley and the other writers need to take the blame for what's happened to the characters. It'd be different if the show was solid except the safe house storyline.
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