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Dec 6 2008, 11:54 AM
Dec 6 2008, 10:52 AM
The Ejole Farce is such a joke to me. No build up between characters...Seriously, Higley just writes on whims...and sadly Nicole is ruined, being reduced to nothing more then a pathetic Billie Reed clone walking in the foot steps of Kristen Blake, and from what I can gather very poorly. This so reminds me of Tom C and how he described a relationship Higley created on OLTL that came out of nowhere with no build up whatsoever...Higley just does what she wants...Corday, you sir a mental giant for brining her on DOOLS. lol Kiss this show goodbye.
See, this quote reminds me of Chloe and Lucas, not Nicole and EJ.

EJ and Nicole have been flirting for almost a year even since Nicole came back, sharing scenes constantly throughout the spring summer and fall, and constantly talking about themselves, her attraction, Sami, baby, whatever.

Lucas and Chloe got together pretty randomly in the elevator, moved to a cabin and we really haven't heard from then since except to announce their engagement.

To each his own though.

Well said Alligato! Ejole started as friends and they have had months of kisses, flirting and three consensual love scenes but I suppose that for some people EJ has to rape and terrorize Nicole before they believe he cares for her.

You are so right, to each his own.

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