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Dec 6 2008, 08:03 PM
Dec 6 2008, 06:25 PM
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Dec 6 2008, 04:43 PM
The difference is that Sami was not getting the best material when it "was" the Sami show. All she did was cry or bitch...every show! It was so hard to tune her out.<br /><br />I guess I can't complain that it is the Nicole show because Nicole is acting sassy one day, crying the next, flirting the next, etc. It's being varied and I still find her entertaining. She isn't overbearing to me. <br /><br />And even though she MAY not be on as much, it still feels like the Sami show because all Sami is still doing is crying/yelling...same stuff for the past few years. <br /><br />And I don't buy that this is Higley's fault. Obviously, AS wanted this written in for whatever reason, so now that it is in and it sucks, it's not entirely Higley's doing. What can you do with a pregnant woman who doesn't want to tell the father and still make it interesting?? I almost wish they would have had Lucas pretend to be the father instead of bringing in Rafe.
It was very clear that Sami is the character that Hogan decided to write for then he was fired and Higley took over and Higley chose to write good material for Nicole .... New writer's want to put their own stamp on the material and it is not unusual for the new writer to go in totally different direction when they can. The problem with Days in the past three/four years they have three different HW plus they have interim writer's between Jer and Hogan and scab writer's between Hogan and Higley .... Plus they have had Three associate producers too..Inconsistency all over the place!

OK, look. I'm not the poster to bash actors but the simple fact of the matter is that the problem with Sami isn't that Alison is given material of a lesser quality than Ari, the problem is that Alison fails to deliver much of what she is given. Take the other day, Sami was supposed to be sad about missing her family over the holidays. Did I feel sorry for her? Nope. Why? Because it was the same huff-puff performance that Alison ALWAYS does when Sami is crying. It simply did not meet its mark. When Nicole cries I believe it because Arianne makes me feel it.

IMO Sami's most memorable scenes are scenes when Alison doesn't have to stretch, Rafe, Hilda and Rolf. Alison simply lacks range. Its too bad really I believe Ali is a hard worker and maybe if she took some time off and honed her craft she might improve but to blame the travesty that is Sami solely on bad writing does a disservice to the all of other actors on the show that would love to have had the opportunities that Alison has been given.

You are one smart cookie. The girl is simply overworked. It makes perfect sense. She's not Superwoman, and personally, I thought she was crazy to try to keep on two jobs, be pregnant, make personal appearances, AND take care of a preschooler. I don't see why some fans don't get that these actors are human and have issues, like any professional.
I really get tired of the bad writing being blamed for all the actors' problems. To a point, yes, but it gets rather obvious when an actor is in nothing but either shriek or cry mode that something is wrong. And, Allison was good. She's at her best when Sami is scheming. I think that's the Sami people fell in love with. I just don't think, at least now, she's cut out for the damsel in distress. I thought she was also terrific as Sister Colleen. And newsflash...she worked at that role. She worked with a dialect coach, and it showed. It wasn't perfect, but you're not going to get a perfect Irish accent from anyone non-Irish except maybe Meryl Streep. Allison, with all the pressure and time limits, did a great job with that role. So, it's not beyond her. And that writing certainly wasn't the world's best.
Ari Zucker wasn't bad two years ago, but she wasn't ultra, either. While she was gone from Days, she DID take acting lessons. The results show. Certainly Nicole's storyline isn't great right now. Ari, to me, is channeling the pain and desperation of a woman who just lost her baby, and is now fearful for the silver lining to be ripped from her.
I don't FEEL Sami being a mom who's desperate to see her kids. I see her acting like a spoiled brat. If she was supposed to love EJ, I sure as hell didn't FEEL that (and I'm not one to get worked up over THAT DAY in December, 2006). I don't give a flying flip if it's supposedly SUPPOSED to be a great story marrying off a DiMera and a Brady. It flipping didn't work. Whether it was writing, pressure from fanbases, or what, it, in the end, didn't work. It could have, sure. But it didn't.
And ilovemydays, I love your comment about the disservice to the other actors who could carry this who would LOVE to have the opportunities Allison has had. You are spot on. It's possible that now Ari is in that light and is getting those opportunities, but she's prepared for it. Like I mentioned earlier, I rarely, if ever, have seen any negative criticisms about her recent acting abilities. I would have LOVED to have seen Blake Berris get the opportunities Allison has. That man is another one who is so talented, and makes his role seem natural and effortless.

Thank you so much ladyofthelake! I value your opinion so your gracious comments mean that much more to me.

cjknick, again, while I respect Alison's work ethic I do blame her for her inability to make Sami compelling. Ali can't change the material but she's responsible for the delivery. IMO she's an actress that has very limited abilities to emote realistically. As long as she continues to phone in her performances she will continue to give her daytime peers the bad name of being 'second rate actors that can't make it in Primetime'. And it's sad really because there are excellent actors on DAYS what would shine if they were given her opportunities and have been sitting in the background waiting while TPTB blew a portion of their precious budget hiring actors to portray Sami's bodyguards just so that Alison could remain on screen without covering up her pregnancy.

Alison is good at being herself, as a talk show host and as spokesperson she's excellent but as an actress...not so much. Maybe she was good once but for as long as I've been watching there have been only glimpses of character worth watching and I would say that they are probably the times that Alison is portraying Sami casually. IMO, anything that requires a deep emotional range is just too much for her.

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