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The Ejole Farce is such a joke to me. No build up between characters...Seriously, Higley just writes on whims...and sadly Nicole is ruined, being reduced to nothing more then a pathetic Billie Reed clone walking in the foot steps of Kristen Blake, and from what I can gather very poorly. This so reminds me of Tom C and how he described a relationship Higley created on OLTL that came out of nowhere with no build up whatsoever...Higley just does what she wants...Corday, you sir a mental giant for brining her on DOOLS. lol Kiss this show goodbye.
See, this quote reminds me of Chloe and Lucas, not Nicole and EJ.

EJ and Nicole have been flirting for almost a year even since Nicole came back, sharing scenes constantly throughout the spring summer and fall, and constantly talking about themselves, her attraction, Sami, baby, whatever.

Lucas and Chloe got together pretty randomly in the elevator, moved to a cabin and we really haven't heard from then since except to announce their engagement.

To each his own though.

Well said Alligato! Ejole started as friends and they have had months of kisses, flirting and three consensual love scenes but I suppose that for some people EJ has to rape and terrorize Nicole before they believe he cares for her.

You are so right, to each his own.

You do have a point there. I never really thought EJ and Nicole were rushed. She even put him off a couple of times, his advances, I mean. But, I'm just leery of the way things are going now.
And wondering why all the Nicole bashing is coming out of the woodwork lately. Moreso than usual. Like the comments about drinking and sleeping with older men. Apparently, she wouldn't go this far if she was interested in sleeping with older men. And, she apparently turned down a drink even after her miscarriage. If she was still an uncontrolled alcoholic, she would have said the hell with it and drank because she was miserable. Dang, girl must be looking too good right now. :D
It seems to me that the shoe is on the other foot now. As an EJ fan we had to endure the bashing from the lumi fans for such a long long long time. EJ not unlike Nicole was called every name in the book. The character of EJ was reforming and on the road to redemption and yet the bashing continued his past mistakes were brought up and up and up. Then he slips up with the immigration lie not unlike Nicole lying about the miscarriage. So many posters who are complaining about the Nicole bashing are the sameone's who bashed EJ for his past.... and what is even more interesting is that now EJ is out of Sami's orbit and into Nicole's he suddenly is acceptable by those same posters who bashed him left and right .... It's ironic isn't it?
CJKnick, it's funny. I distinctly recall defending EJ when he was called a rapist, the same as I defended Lucas when he was bashed. I never really had anything against EJ except for the extreme hero-worship. What I hated were the dumb Lumi-EJami wars. AT one time, I didn't care WHO Sami ended up with. I would have been happy with either solution. So, if you're referring to me, I just blew your theory out the water. In a debate, it helps to do your research. ;) If it seemed I bashed EJ more, perhaps it was because, well, certain parties were more VOCAL about their dahling's perfection than the other? I was sick of the nastiness towards Lucas that turned into out and out Bryan Datillo bashing.That's what finally turned me off to EJ for a while. I couldn't go there. So your argument about how funny it is that the "shoe is on the other foot" doesn't wash with me. In fact, (in regards to others) you should be HAPPY that James Scott has more fans, if it is that. I'm willing to wager that a lot of Lumi and anti-EJ fans were never anti-James Scott fans. They're not allowed to change their minds about a character? I've certainly done that over the years, and yes, it can happen if they see a character with a new significant other that seems to click more with that viewer than the previous one. I couldn't stand Belle until she was with JKJ's Philip. I never liked JC's Shawn and FF's Mimi until they put Shimi together. I always liked James Scott. I just quit liking the whole Ejami thing from the writing and the "my guy's shit don't stink" attitude I was getting from quite a few parties.

And now, that he's in Nicole's orbit, I can find him more enjoyable again. The whole EJami aura and pimping is over, or at least, I thought it was I should have known better. :shrug: I was hoping to possibly enjoy him with someone else and possibly, see the start of a new relationship for him done right. And, to me, it seemed that James Scott has that twinkle in his eye again. For a while, with Sami/Allison, it seemed that both parties were sick of what was going on. That's my perception as someone who was NOT involved with a fanbase, but tried to see the actor AND character as an individual entity. I wasn't going to fanwank. I never thought much of Nicole one way or another until this round, although I enjoyed her previously. Ari's past acting classes have paid off, and I see two well-trained actors kicking ass around each other, playing off each other, and enjoying something new and different. I know you're going to spout about how you see the chemistry with James and Ali, yada, yada, so please spare me. You've pretty well restated yourself over and over.

Course, with the writing, I was wrong there, but at least, until now, I could enjoy him without the ever-lasting fanbase wars. And, although I'm a Nicole AND EJ fan, I don't consider myself part of a fanbase. I'm not going there again. And, when the writing stinks, depending on how dark they make EJ go, I might continue to like him or I might dislike him again. He's a stinking fictional character, for pete's sake. They can change him on a whim, and I can change my notions about THE CHARACTER on a whim. That's my perogative as a viewer of a soap opera, viewing FICTIONAL characters. It's a form of relaxation and entertainment, for pete's sake, not a way of life!

Rant over. Damn, if I keep writing any more books, I'm gonna have to get them published! "LadyoftheLake's take on soap opera debates and rants". :D
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