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Dec 7 2008, 10:30 AM
Dec 7 2008, 05:52 AM
Its pathetic to see how this crappy story goes. :blah:
Love that based on lies and deception.

Wait. Are you talking about EJ and Sami or EJ and Nicole?

And cj - it is interesting to see how tables have turned for EJ. Quite a study in psychology or some shit like that. I don't know how to explain it. Being an EJ fan, I have defended him from day 1 and still find myself doing it, but I so love him as a character and I think he is gorgeous, so I am still rooting for him.

What I don't get about the Nicole bashing is that she was a reformed, happy, blissful woman for the past few months and EVERYONE had a cow because she was acting "so out of character". Now, she is lying and scheming and returning to her old ways, and people are still bitching about how awful she is being...she can't love EJ acting like that.
So there is no way for this girl to win.

I guess no matter what, unless you are EJ, people are always going to hate a character...even if there is no reason.
I was just pointing out the irony of it all .... it's the same kind of irony where poster's rant about EJ being a rapist but they are fine with him being with Nicole as long as he is not with Sami .... Or that they are fine with Lucas being with Sami even though he for years tormented her and schemed against her and even let her go to death row.

I like Nicole heck I even like Nicole with EJ - I admit that they have chemistry and that James and Ari are great acting partners - the only reason I prefer EJ and Sami is because I think they have the better story to tell and that may mean that EJ may stick around Salem longer.
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