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Thanks again to an anonymous source!

For the week of December 22nd:

---Panicky Nicole talked to Dr. Baker. He told her to have the money the next day, or the charade was over. Nicole decided to ask Brady for the money, but he told her to "think outside the box." He realized she had no intention of changing her mind about faking her pregnancy, no matter how suspicious EJ might get. Nicole had a fantasy about killing Baker and went to talk to him. He refused to help her, but left his cell phone behind. Nicole used it to call a woman, and was shocked to meet Jill, a pregnant teenager.

---Rafe tried to cheer Sami up with a traditional Mexican Christmas, including tamales. She gave him a meaningful gift – a penny from Grandpa Shawn – and he arranged for her to have a webcam chat with Johnny and Allie. EJ popped on to say hello, making Nicole jealous. Later, EJ urged Roman to find the killer so that Sami could come home. He even admitted he missed her. Back at the loft, Sami asked for Rafe's help in giving her baby to the nuns at the orphanage. He refused. Meanwhile, the killer had traced Rafe's cell phone number to its location.

---Things continued to heat up between Daniel and Chloe after he discovered her in a revealing teddy. She slammed the door on him, injuring his finger, and when she tried to help him bandage it, the attraction between the two was palpable. Chloe covered the tension with anger, which Lucas walked in on. He and Chloe opened the gift from Kate and discovered a diamond necklace that Bill Horton had given her. They made love, but all Chloe could think of was Daniel. During the traditional ornament hanging at the Horton's, Maggie gave Chloe an ornament, which she dropped.

---Daniel told Kate she could go home for Christmas. Kate wanted to take some photos in her hospital room, including one of just Daniel and Chloe, which brought out the tension between the two. Things got a little messier when Chloe called Daniel – from the Horton's – to wish him a Merry Christmas. During the Kiriakis brunch, Daniel and Chloe ended up sitting next to each other – and agreed they had to get over the strangeness. To that end, Chloe wished Daniel a Merry Christmas and gave him a kiss, on the cheek.

---It seemed that everyone in Salem could see the chemistry between Max and Chelsea, except the two of them. Kate commented on it to Chelsea, putting her on her guard around Max. Later, Chelsea tried to ease the tension between Max and Stephanie, then Melanie told the girls that Max had clearly moved on, too – with Chelsea. Chelsea denied it, and Stephanie admitted she would have a problem with that. Chelsea finally confronted Max, who assured her they were "just friends."

---Victor offered Brady a job at Titan, which he eventually accepted. Problem is, Victor hadn't notified Philip, who was miffed, to say the least. It didn't really please Brady, either. They called a truce before the Christmas brunch, but revisited the problem the next day. They each threatened to quit, so Victor fired them both. He'd only done it to prove they made a good team. When Brady arrived at Titan, Melanie found a new man to flirt with, and Philip saw it all.

---Bo told Hope about his "flashes" and she attributed them to having lost Zach around Christmas. Could it be something more? Hope hung Zach's ornament on the tree and Chelsea arrived to see it. She reacted badly, but the three came together and put the past to rest.

---Marlena brought John to the Horton's, but it was too much for him. He called Dr. Taylor and told her he needed to remember.

---This year, Doug got to play Santa at the hospital and read the Christmas story to the sick children. Lexie was there with Theo, who was mostly disinterested in his gifts. She was touched, however, when he presented her with a gift he had made himself. Earlier, Bo realized that his visions were about Theo. Then, he was able to find Theo when he went missing. Bo saved Theo, but couldn't shake the thought that something was still going to happen to him.

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Brady turns down Nicole's request of $1 million; Lucas walks in on a close moment between Chloe and Daniel.

Bo and Hope remember the loss of their son, Zack; Bady accepts the job; Daniel shares news about Kate's recovery.

Lexie and Abe search for a missing Theo; Daniel can't take his mind off Chloe; Nicole vows to find an infant of her own.

Abe and Lexie are disheartened by Theo's lack of interest in his gifts; Rafe tries to cheer Sami up with a Mexican Christmas; Philip and Brady call a family truce.

Nicole has a fantasy about killing Dr. Baker; Chelsea asks Victor to fire Melanie; Sami explains her plan to Rafe, who refuses to help her.

**UPDATED 12/13**

Daily spoilers

Monday, December 22nd
Nicole asks Brady for a million dollars; Victor talks to E.J. about Nicole; Chelsea and Max visit Kate at the hospital; Victor offers Brady a job.

Tuesday, December 23rd
Bo realizes who his visions are about; Melanie hears Philip tell Stephanie that he has a Christmas surprise; Daniel and Chloe try to keep their distance.

Wednesday, December 24th
Abe and Lexie look for Theo; Daniel can't stop thinking about Chloe; Stefano has a get together; Nicole and Brady argue.

Thursday, December 25th
Chelsea tries to ease the tension between Stephanie and Max; Brady and Philip call a truce; Chloe and Daniel try to avoid each other; the Carvers spend Christmas morning at Hope and Bo's house.

Friday, December 26th
Nicole fantasizes about killing Dr. Baker; Roman and Marlena realize E.J. still has feelings for Sami; Philip and Brady confront Victor.

**UPDATED 12/17**

Daytime Dial spoilers

Melanie guilts Max into inviting her to the Brady Christmas gathering.

Maggie gives Chloe a new ornament, but Chloe drops and breaks it.

Theo runs away from Lexie and gets lost.

Doug dresses as Santa to read the Christmas story to the kids in the hospital.

Victor fires Brady and Philip from Titan.

Thursday – Stephanie admits that she’d have a problem with Max moving on with Chelsea .

Friday – The killer pinpoints Rafe’s location.


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