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Dec 7 2008, 10:49 AM

I was just pointing out the irony of it all .... it's the same kind of irony where poster's rant about EJ being a rapist but they are fine with him being with Nicole as long as he is not with Sami .... Or that they are fine with Lucas being with Sami even though he for years tormented her and schemed against her and even let her go to death row.

I like Nicole heck I even like Nicole with EJ - I admit that they have chemistry and that James and Ari are great acting partners - the only reason I prefer EJ and Sami is because I think they have the better story to tell and that may mean that EJ may stick around Salem longer.

I happen to believe the opposite, I think James has a better chance of remaining on DAYS if EJ is never again paired with Sami. For many viewers the sight of EJami is a terrible reminder that EJ had raped Sami. The best way for EJ to move forward (and James to continue on) is to keep him out of Sami's orbit.

The way I see it, whatever EJ did to Sami is a moot point as far as his relationship to Nicole is concerned but should EJ ever rape Nicole I would have to stop rooting for Ejole as a romantic couple.

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