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Lorijean - I was thinking that instead of doing the WP, it would have been a better story for CURRENT characters to have Lucas pretend to be the baby's father causing an entanglement between him and Chloe and him and Sami...giving Lucas some story and some humorous situations...and even by annoying EJ a bit with it.
But that was no go.

So maybe Sami could say, when she returns, that she went into WP, met Rafe, frequented a orphange and decided to adopt a baby with Rafe. Maybe she and Rafe can pretend to be an item when he moves to Salem. That might be too cut and dry for Days...and possibly no drama to it.

There are so many interesting ways this could play out, especially if Sami gives the baby up and Nicole adopts it with EJ, but I don't see Sami giving up her baby (and I really don't want to see her crying about it), so I fear that this will end up being a ridiculously predictable story with a cheesy ending.

I will stick around to see it all play out. Probably the only story that I am excited for. I know Kate isn't going to die.
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