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Daily spoilers

Monday, December 15th
Brady warns Nicole that she needs to tell E.J. the truth; Sami worries about Rafe; Lexie breaks down; Bo is knocked unconscious after his fall.

Tuesday, December 16th
Sami and Rafe's relationship starts to change; Stephanie admits her mistakes; Melanie interrupts Philip and Stephanie; Daniel has a dream about Chloe.

Wednesday, December 17th
Nicole asks Dr. Baker to pretend to be her obstetrician; Nick swears he isn't obsessed with Melanie anymore; Melanie implies that she and Philip slept together; Chelsea and Theo find Max at the pier.

Thursday, December 18th
Nicole fears her miscarriage is about to be revealed; Sami slips and falls; Dr. Charlotte Taylor frustrates John; Stephanie and Philip share their first kiss; Melanie finds Victor at the pub.

Friday, December 19th
Dr. Baker asks Nicole for his money; Stephanie encourages Philip to reconcile with his father; Melanie sees Stephanie and Philip kissing under the mistletoe; Kate asks Daniel to bring a gift to Chloe and Lucas at the Horton cabin.

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Nicole accuses Brady of lying to her; Rafe manages to scare off the killer and collapses upon return to the secret loft.

Philip and Stephanie are ready to take things to a new level; Sami and Rafe's relationship begins to change.

Nicole asks Dr. Baker to pretend to be her obstetrician, and he agrees if she'll pay him $750,000; Stephanie accuses Melanie of being jealous of her relationship with Philip.

Sami and Rafe continue to bond; Nicole tries to convince EJ to let her see Dr. Baker as her obstetrician.

Sami suffers a nasty fall in the loft; Nicole kisses EJ and hopes he doesn't feel her padding.

**Previously posted in December spoiler thread**
Week of December 15th:

---Rafe managed to escape his attacker and made it back to the loft, where Sami had to stitch him up. He didn't want to call the police; he realized someone in the FBI must have tipped off the killer. Rafe got drunk to help kill the pain and shared a little too much. He told Sami she was an idiot for loving EJ when he doesn't love her back. The next day, Rafe tried to put some distance between them, but they kept getting closer. Rafe didn't think he was fit to be Sami's guard anymore, but she wanted him to stay. When Sami slipped and fell, Rafe came to her rescue and it was clear these two were getting closer. Much closer.

---Nicole accused Brady of lying to her about his claim that Kelly, the pregnant girl, was a scam artist. Unfortunately, Brady was telling the truth. Kelly revealed she was not pregnant, and Nicole admitted she was blinded by her desire to give EJ a child. Brady urged her to tell EJ the truth, but all Nicole could do was confess her fear of being an unfit mother. EJ assured her they were in this together and Nicole assured Brady she was keeping her secret.

---EJ continued to defend Nicole and her choice of doctors to Stefano, even when he learned she had changed doctors. Meanwhile, Nicole's new doctor Baker- was blackmailing her for $750,000. She got her hopes up when she learned EJ had set up a $1 million trust fund for her, but she couldn't get her mitts on that cash just yet. Later, EJ told Nicole he wanted to sleep in the same bed as her. Nicole panicked. She denied his request, telling him her hormones were out of control. Things turned from bad to worse when Dr. Baker showed up, demanding his money. What is Nicole going to do?

---Lucas's car broke down so he had trouble getting home to Chloe, who had a surprise waiting. She and Daniel had ended their friendship, agreeing that now they were only connected by Lucas and Kate. But.....Chloe was troubled and Daniel had an erotic dream about her. Meanwhile, Maggie visited Chloe to make sure she was really devoted to Lucas. Chloe assured her she was. But when Daniel arrived with a gift from Kate, he found Chloe with her special, sexy surprise for Lucas.

---Melanie visited Nick in prison, where he gave her his share of the potential profits from his alternative fuels project. Melanie returned to Titan, where she let Philip and Stephanie know that her position was about to change. Philip told her that he didn't want her or the project. She was fired. Melanie took her project directly to Victor, who later accused Philip of putting his personal feelings before business. Philip defended himself and quit.

---Philip recalled his near kiss with Stephanie, while she was being confronted by Max about her "public display." Stephanie realized Melanie had snitched and later accused her of being jealous. Melanie implied she had slept with Philip, but he denied it. Melanie's jealousy flared even more when she saw Philip and Stephanie canoodling under the mistletoe. They shared their first real kiss and she encouraged him to mend fences with Victor. Philip did, but will Victor take him back......

---Chelsea and Theo found Max at the pier. He was debating whether or not to throw the toy dog Trent had left him into the water. Theo saw and wanted the dog, and Max was only too happy to give it to him.

---EJ accused Lexie of putting his family in danger by going to Stefano about Mayor Marino. Lexie responded, questioning EJ's decision to keep pregnant Nicole under Stefano's roof. Their conflict was escalating as Abe and Theo walked in. Lexie broke down when Theo didn't answer EJ's question about what he wanted for Christmas. She was thrilled later, however, when Theo pointed to a gift and said he wanted it.

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