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Here is the problem IMO and I think it's three-fold:

First off, people hate Higley and they have valid reason to. Just like Guza, Kriezman, etc. Therefore, people are already against her even without the content of her blog. If this were a blog about Maria Arena Bell, Hogan Sheffer, or Ron Carlivati...most would be enjoying it regardless of content. That isn't to say that people would complain if the show wasn't talked about but the backlash would not be like this. People already feel like they know enough about her through her writing and they dislike her because of it and other things so this idea is stupid to begin with.

Another thing...we don't even know her if this is truly her. For all we know, Corday or an NBC exec is sitting right there or she is being told to use this story or that story to make herself look good. I don't think this is Dena's idea. I don't think she of all people would start one of these. The issue, though, is that we never feel like we are getting to know her because you can't trust that this is her. That doesn't help for those who are interested.

Lastly, people view this as a PR ploy or way to gain her sympathy. I can't blame them. Just notice when she posts. her blog only seems to be updated around crisis time or when something is about to change (EP, cast cuts, backstage scandal, etc). In other words, you don't feel like she is doing this for the right reasons and that hurts it. It's too artificial.

I, personally, think this idea should've been a distant memory after the summer. She can't talk about the show without opening up a can of worms with cast, crew, etc since we all know people influence things backstage at times (Corday, Tomlin, actors, etc) and some do it more then others so it's just too risky to put anything out there. She can, however, talk about an actor's work or how well a story is doing or something. She should just talk about stuff that has aired without going into the backstage details. Just say "so and so is doing a good job" or "this story is really great to write" or whatever. There are things to write about but I think it's not at all what people are asking of her. i mean, there is a reason why EMPLOYED writers don't do these things.

I do appreciate the idea to open communication but it's not working and they should just can it.
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