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Once again, I believe we need to send Ms. Higley a trophy with the enscription "Year's most erroneous writer of a blog. Oh, and a soap opera on the side"

I know people are saying that her blog is no different than the ones James/Ali/whoever will post, but are they EVER with this much unecessary detail? James posts a few sentences about his new doggie. Ali probably posts a few comments about the biggest loser, or something. Peter doesn't post on any regular blog, and Thaao blogs briefly about WORK, and his travels. You know, out of the ordinary stuff, not day-to-day-life.
Really, reading this blog felt like Higley is writing a whole other sopa opera. And the ego-sheeesh! Wow "My son is so popular, he had all these kids at our house, blah blah blah." Newsflash: Most kids have BIRTHDAY PARTIES EVERY YEAR- SHOCKER! If this is supposed to generate sympathy, it's not working for me. Everyone has problems like this, everyone is stressed and worried sick about their kids, and mostly everyone WORKS. And it's because of her work NOT her life, that she has this blog. If she wants to blog about life, someone make her a blogspot. This blog is about WORK- I want to hear about any work that's actually being done, first off, or funny things that happen, backstage stuff, etc. She can mention the kids in passing, but having 99% of the blog about what every parents worries about is ridiculous. I'm not saying she can't blog about her kids- just not on her WORK BLOG.
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