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Dec 7 2008, 09:03 PM
This blog is about WORK- I want to hear about any work that's actually being done, first off, or funny things that happen, backstage stuff, etc. She can mention the kids in passing, but having 99% of the blog about what every parents worries about is ridiculous. I'm not saying she can't blog about her kids- just not on her WORK BLOG.
I agree. A friend of mine thought of a good analogy - and I don't mean to be at all insensitive with this, but I think it's a good parallel. Let's say Dena was active in an organization for parents of autistic children, and she had a leadership role in the organization. The parents all shared experiences about their kids. So one day, someone said to her, Dena, why don't you write a blog for our autism parents website? So Dena said, sure, good idea! So she submitted a full page blog entry about Ken Corday, Gary Tomlin, her challenges at work, her messy office, and what she ate for lunch that day.

Sound ridiculous? I think that's exactly what she's doing here.
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