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It should be called "Pity the writer". She uses that blog for sympathy.

More than any other recent headwriter, DH has tried very hard to court affection from the public. During her first stint, she sent letters to fans who had written her that were "individualized" (whoever was doing it read the letters and then responded with some stock phrases that applied to the content of the fan's letter). I'd never seen such a thing - and it was obvious to me that she was going to do her best to get the fans on her side.

I think her blog is this go-round's attempt at the same thing. She wants you to relate to her and feel sorry for her, but lately all her blogs do is piss me off. I have an autistic son, and he would be mortified if I was so publicly blogging about him and things he has issues with. That is no one else's business but our own! I'm so appalled by the picture she painted of her oldest. Even if he has a hard time cooking for himself or navigating airports, why the freak is she announcing it to the world??? 'Cause obviously what he needs is more pressure. [/sarcasm]

I am only interested in hearing about Days from her, in any sort of capacity. I'd rather hear in painstaking detail how the crew assembles a set than any more personal crap from DH.
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