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-A lot of Daniel/Kate/Lucas/Chloe. Brady and Chloe also share scenes.

-There are more Phillip/Stephanie scenes on the way.

-Tony and EJ have scenes coming up and so do Ejole/Chloe/Brady.

-I'm seeing a boring pattern here.

-Lexie has scenes coming up.

-From what little I have here, no vets, no Melanie, no Sami/Rafe.

Well as a Broe fan, I'm over the moon that Brady and Chloe are finally sharing scenes together. That piddly little scene they had when he first arrived did not satisfy me at all. Though I do have to say that they do look beautiful together and I did see a spark of chemistry. However, there is a part of me that is thinking, "be careful what you wish for." This is Higley, afterall. So, I'm afraid to ask what will they be doing when said scenes take place. Will Chloe be going on and on about how wonderful Mother Nicole is??? Or will Brady be telling Chloe how happy he is that she moved on, and on, and on......

Dena must really hate the character of Marlena or Deidre or Both!

Actually I just think Higley can't think of a way to sleaze Marlena up, so she has no use for her.

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